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Christina Newberry

Freelance writer and editor

I write about travel, lifestyle, and social media, and I work with a variety of clients to edit everything from conference proceedings to motorcycle magazines.

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How to Land Your First Job Using Social Media

The nature of work is changing. As jobs in traditional sectors are lost to automation, entirely new careers paths are emerging in the social sphere. Data analysis from Pew Research Center shows that job categories requiring social, technical, and analytical skills are growing significantly faster than the average for all job categories.


A/B Testing on Social Media: How to Do it with Tools You Already Have

A/B testing as a marketing strategy goes way back to the days before the internet even existed, when direct mail marketers used it to conduct small tests on a tiny fraction of their contact lists before committing to the massive cost of printing and mailing a campaign.


8 Simple Ways to Generate Leads With Social Media

Before we can talk about lead generation on social media, let’s define exactly what we mean when we talk about leads. Leads are, quite simply, potential customers who have expressed some interest in your product or company and have provided contact information you can use to follow up with more information. You can then pass these leads directly to your sales department or engage with them using a tailored content marketing program.

Vancouver’s best rooftop patios

After a long, soggy Vancouver winter that drizzled its way right into spring, there’s nothing to perk up Vancouverites’ spirits like a sunny afternoon on a rooftop patio. A glimpse of the city’s killer views from any one of these perched hotspots makes all those rainy days seem like a distant memory. Grab a seat for your dose of vitamin D.


Messenger Apps for Business: How to Use Chat for Marketing

Mobile messaging is on the rise. More than 1.4 billion people used mobile messaging apps in 2016 according to eMarketer—an increase of almost 16 percent over 2015.
According to Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, 59 percent of people use messaging apps more now than they did two years ago, and 56 percent expect to use messaging even more over the next two years.


Social Listening: What it is, Why You Should Care, and How to Do it ...

Imagine the powerful business insights you could gain from an organic form of market research where the focus group was made up entirely of people already engaging with your brand or your industry. Sounds pretty great, right?
That’s exactly the kind of business intelligence you can access when you implement a social listening strategy to track, analyze, and respond to online conversations about your brand and your industry.

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Las Vegas: Up, Out and Away

Not far from the sparkling lights of the Strip, there’s an ancient world of red rock canyons to explore.


How to Use Twitter Analytics: The Complete Guide for Marketers

It’s one of those things you know you should be doing: tracking your Twitter metrics and analyzing the data they provide. After all, Twitter users interact with businesses in important ways on the network, and if you’re not analyzing the results of your own tweets, you’re missing out on key Twitter insights that could help you refine your strategy and maximize ROI.

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Visit San Jose highlights wine and tech tourism

Representatives of Visit San Jose met with travel media in Vancouver last week for a wine-themed dinner to highlight the region’s unique tourism opportunities as a top-notch wine region on the doorstep of Silicon Valley.

Over glasses of award-winning wine from Ridge Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains, PAX spoke with Laura Chmielewski, Visit San Jose’s vice president of marketing and communications, about this forward-looking Northern California destination.

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Vancouver Courier

Street art goes mainstream in Houston, Texas

Recently, 100 international artists transformed 20,000 square feet of wall space into city-sanctioned street art for the second annual Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Mural Festival. Add that to the 25 walls painted for the inaugural festival last year, and it’s clear that there’s a Texas-sized appetite for street art in H-Town.


Silent Video: How to Optimize Facebook Video to Play Without Sound

With more than a billion video views on Facebook every day, it’s clear that Facebook video is a key part of daily life for social media users. If you’re creating videos to help promote your brand, there’s one key strategy you need to keep in mind: scripting for silence.


The Facebook Pixel: What It Is and How to Use It

If you’re using Facebook ads—or you plan to use them in the future—there’s one key tool you should start using right away to get the most out of your social ad budget: the Facebook pixel.

36% of BC Residents Expect Home Prices to Rise this Year: RBC Poll

36% of BC Residents Expect Home Prices to Rise this...

Metro Vancouver Calls for “Urgent Overhaul” of BC’s Property Tax System

Metro Vancouver Calls for “Urgent Overhaul” of BC’s...

PAXnewsWest - Travel Nevada showcases a state's worth of stories in Vancouver

“There’s so much more to Nevada than Las Vegas,” said Teri Laursen, Southern Nevada representative for Travel Nevada, adding, “but thank you for sending your clients to Las Vegas!”